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20. Juni 2020
22:00 – 22:30 Uhr

Trope Ashes


TROPE ASHES ist das Musikprojekt der Künstler*innen Sophia M. Burtscher und Tom Müller. Seit 2016 haben sie zwei Alben und mehrere EPs (u.a. auf Baumusik) veröffentlicht.

Trope Ashes is an experimental electronic music project founded in 2016 by artists Sophia M. Burtscher and Tom Mueller. They are planning their 5th release with Push the Frozen Soul for summer 2020.

For this very special Britney X livestream performance they are going to play a set of yet unreleased songs from their upcoming album Push the Frozen Soul.
Push the frozen soul is Trope Ashes’ most urgent release to date, and one that they are very proud of. Fresh from the studio, these tracks are hot and steaming, funky and crumbling like volcano ash. A pop destructive explosion of means and no means, sci-fi anthems and rockstar fantasies, orgasmic dada beats and ultimately tender and enticing sonic paths through the ever so flakey minds of Trope Ashes.

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Foto: Simon Schwyzer (@simonschwyzer)