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20. Juni 2020
22:30 – 23:00 Uhr

Rebecca - Frame for Extended Proximities


von Gustavo Gomes

Foto: András Dobi

In this live multimedia performance two rooms are presented to the audience, “The Safe” and “The Connected”. The audience is invited to share their thoughts in the chat and create relationships between the text and the two bodies performing for the camera. Inspired by the prosthetics and body extensions from the German artist Rebecca Horn, new forms of internet connectivities propose a reflection on isolation and the relationship between affection and the fear of touch.In this live set you see these bodies extending, communicating, networking and translating relationships through technology.This questioning of what a body extension would look like in the post internet era is shown as the anxiety of always being and leads to thinking about what the next “touch” will be.

Regie: Gustavo Gomes
Mit: Christine Cecconelo und Gustavo Gomes
Musik von Ulysse Zangs

Gustavo Gomes was born in 1988 in Brasilia, Brasil. He is director, choreographer and visual artist living in Cologne, Germany. His work explore topics of communication, restriction, sexuality and politics of behavior. As a praxis he is focused on the possibilities of the body in response to the external self. His favorite drag queen is Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova, a.k.a Katya.

Christine Ceconello is a Brazilian choreographer and performer based in Germany. She already danced in companies as Staatstheater Augsburg, Heidelberg and Grand Theater de Geneve. She is currently working with Stephen Shropshire in Holland and doing her own projects in Europe and Brazil.

Foto: Alexandre Borba