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19. Juni 2020
23:00 – 00:00 Uhr


von Tatiana Heuman

Liveset der Argentinischen Drummer- und Performerin Tatiana Heuman

Foto: @inemariano


QEEI DJ SET [Astro Nautico / TRRUENO]

#advanced_club #adventurous_rhythms Eclectic selection of soundscapes and risky rhythms, taking listeners on a journey from gentle ambience to brutal sounds and back again.


#trrueno #tatianaheuman #astronautico #ricardacometa #qeei

TATIANA HEUMAN Tatiana Heuman works as musician and producer. Her unique approach to musical production was founded essentially in a free, intuitive and experimental self-made territory where genres and tags are fluid and in permanent mutation. By 2014 Tatiana had already started her solo electronic music project. Her solo work and collaborations have been presented on venues and festivals such as Mutek Buenos Aires, Volta festival, MONOM Funkhaus, Tauron Nowa Muzyka festival, Heroines of Sound, MACBA, HeK Basel, CTM festival, Alice Chp, Sophiensæle, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Casino Luxembourg. Tatiana actively develops a series of music production laboratories and workshops with the principle of understanding listening and audio processing as a means of manifestation. She is part of the communities #VIVAS (female* sounds platform), TRRUENO and female:pressure. Argentina’s Tatiana Heuman is a “sound creator.” She’s an “avant-pop artist.” She’s so many things that we love and so much more than that. – Tiny Mix Tapes

Foto: @inemariano